Tuesday, December 15, 2020

How to turn OFF Windows Security Defender (Windows 10)

Details:   If you want to turn off Windows security then it is going to be a piece of cake, the method to turn it off, is different in every window like 7 and 8 and more, today in this article you will see how to turn off windows security in windows 10.


1.First of all you have to open settings, now there are different options to open settings, I will tell you only one. First of all, find the Windows icon on the bottom left corner, it looks like this.
Now you have to right-click on it. NOTE: Don't do left-click only right-click.
2.Now click on settings and settings will get open.
4.Click on Updates & Security.
5. Now click on Windows security.
6. Now click on Virus & threat protection. As you click on it A new window will open like this.
7. Click on Manage Settings.
8. Now these are the four options, disable them. Boom windows security is off.

Note you can Enable windows security in the same way, by enabling these options back.
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