Friday, December 11, 2020

OBS Studio 26.0.2 for windows


OBS Studio is a free, open-source software for screen recording, game recording, and live streaming. OBS Studio is expertly designed to enable users to work with multiple sources at a time and switch between them to create a cool and awesome recording. OBS Studio enables you to not only record right from your microphone and webcam, but also incorporate existing videos available on your device, capture the whole window or a little part of your screen, and add in footage from games. The lightweight and easy-to-use program that guarantees high-quality performance for commercial and non-commercial users. OBS Studio's cross-platform application provides a set of great features which include: intuitive audio mixer, multiple video source filters, a powerful configuration option, streamlined settings panel, multiple themes, and real-time audio/video capturing and mixing.



  • Now OBS Studio has the option to record your video up to 60 FPS.
  • Unlimited inputs and many mixing options for free only in obs.
  • Now OBS Studio has the option to oo live streams via any platform, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter.
  • Through OBS Studio, switch between multiple sources, like from screen recording to playing a video from your drive or switch to camera, unlimited sources can be created and also easy to switch between them only in one click.
  • OBS Studio comes with a variety of themes which include: Acri, Dark (Default), Rachni, and System.
  • OBS Studio is fully customizable and it comes with great options absolutely for free.
  • OBS Studio also has audio mixers, multiple video source filters, powerful configuration options, streamlined setting panels, and real-time audio/video capturing and mixing.

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